The mission of the National IPv6 Task Force is to gather stakeholders from both the public and private sectors so as to raise the awareness and encourage the deployment of IPv6 nationwide by owning and implementing the IPv6 Strategy for Saudi Arabia and engaging in IPv6 related projects and events


  • Raise awareness in Saudi Arabia about the IPv4 exhaustion and the national strategy to move towards IPv6, to ensure Internet stability, business continuity, and future growth
  • International coordination with the IPv6 Forum and other national IPv6 Task Forces
  • Organization of IPv6 awareness events and IPv6 summits inside Saudi Arabia
  • Establish and maintain good working relationship to the local media (newspapers, radio, TV)
  • Establish and maintain contacts with key players from all industry sections, ensure that the mission is not forgotten and that people will keep being aware of the IPv6 strategy
  • Collect and disseminate technical and non-technical information about IPv6 on its web site
  • Find incentives to motivate ISPs (and others) to move towards IPv6
  • Be a focal point for all IPv6 activities in Saudi Arabia, to avoid duplication of effort and lack of communication between interested parties