The IPv6 Strategy for Saudi Arabia identifies a set of milestones to be achieved within a phased time line via an action plan of initiatives categorized into two tracks: Infrastructure and Awareness. Meeting the milestones would facilitate the deployment and further penetration of IPv6 on a nationwide basis so as to eventually realize an IPv6 ready internet infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The milestones and action plan initiatives were based on previous studies outcomes conducted by Devoteam as part of the IPv6 Sub-project. The studies assessed the IPv6 status quo and readiness of local stakeholders, extracted lessons from a comprehensive IPv6 benchmark study of eleven (11) countries and stated the status of IPv6 in relevant international bodies and organizations

The three (3) studies are:

  • IPv6 Status Quo and Readiness Assessment
  • IPv6 Countries Benchmark Study
  • IPv6 International Bodies and Organizations The IPv6 Strategy for Saudi Arabia objectives are a set of high level goals to be achieved for the purpose of setting up the right environment to promote the deployment of IPv6 nationwide.

The identified objectives are:

  • Prepare for the IPv4 exhaustion by supporting IPv6 and ensure stability, business continuity and room for continued growth of the internet in Saudi Arabia
  • Ensure a smooth adoption of IPv6 by stakeholders so as to minimize risks
  • Raise overall IPv6 awareness nationwide by approaching stakeholders of both the public and private sectors highlighting the necessity to adopt IPv6

The IPv6 Strategy follows a two (2) track approach that addresses Infrastructure and Awareness aspects of IPv6 adoption. Within each track, a set of five (5) initiatives are to be taken as follows:

Infrastructure Track:

  • IPv6 Addressing
  • IPv6 Commercial Support for Nation Wide Infrastructure
  • .sa ccTLD IPv6 Compliance
  • IPv6 Compliant Internet Filtering
  • IPv6 Lab

Awareness Track:

  • IPv6 National Task Force
  • Outreach Activities
  • International Cooperation
  • IPv6 Training
  • IPv6 Compliant Procurement