1-What can a DOI name be assigned to?

It can be assigned to any Objects (digital, Physical…etc)

2- Is the DOI system a standard?

Yes,it is. International Standard: ISO 26324, Digital Object Identifier System, 1 May 2012 (available from the ISO Store)

3. Can the DOI system work with existing identifier schemes?

Yes, it can work with existing identifier schemes. Existing identifier schemes can be apply as DOIs to transform its structure to be digitalize, which enhance digitalizing service using DOA.

4. What is the DOA prefix for CITC?

CITC is authorized by DONA foundation to manage the (22) prefix.

5- What is the relation and responsibility of each of the terms DONA, MPA,  and LHR?  

The DONA Foundation: a non-profit organization in Geneva,Switzerland responsible about overall administration, and policies of the GHR,and any interested party want to join as an MPA. As well as, DONA responsible about any further development and evolution of the DOA implementations in the public interest.

Multi-primary administrator MPA:  Interested parties that want to adopt the DOA technology and its innovation/pilot project/administration can sign an agreement with DONA, and then considers as an MPA for the DOA technology.

Each MPA operates its own Global Handle Registry (GHR) Services in accordance with the Foundation Procedures and coordinates its GHR Services with other MPAs and DONA on multi primary basis.

Local handle registry LHR: public/private organizations that need to manage information in digital form using DOA can allot a prefix and operate as a local Handle Registry (LHR) by one of the several Multi-Primary Administrators (“MPAs”) that operate the global handle registry, each of which will require a service agreement or equivalent to be entered into. Some MPAs may have arrangement service agreements in place of individual membership.

6-How do I get a Digital Object Identifier (DOI)?

DOI are assigned by registration agencies (LHR). If you are interested to get and operate your own DOA prefix, please Contact Us with your business needs. Your message will be reviewed and then contacted by CITC.